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Macrobiotics with Herman Aihara

Macrobiotic teacher and philosopher Herman Aihara, and his wife Cornelia, presented a series of lectures and workshops in Singapore in 1995. The theme of his lessons then was Macrobiotics and the meaning of life.

Herman covered a broad range of topics – not just the usual yin and yang, but also acid and alkaline, the importance of patience and the secret of happiness.

Below is an index of articles based on his teachings. These articles were published in The Good Life – a newsletter on natural health and healing that I published from 1989 to 1997.

Herman Aihara on patience, health and happiness

Aihara opened his first public lecture by talking at length about ceramic teapots. He was testing our patience, for this turned out to be the theme of his talk.
Macrobiotics and freedom In Part II of his public talk, Aihara tells about how macrobiotics leads to freedom.
Freedom to eat cheesecake Continuing his reflection on how macrobiotics leads to freedom, Herman Aihara relates his personal experience of exercising his "freedom" to eat cheesecake.
Acid and alkaline

For optimum health, we need to balance acid and alkaline – but not perfectly. The body’s environment should be slightly alkaline.

Isn't the macrobiotic diet acid-forming? Grains are actd forming foods. So isn't the macrobiotic diet, which is grain-based, an acid-foring and therefore "unhealthy" diet?
Acid ailments

Illnesses due to over acidity

Diseases caused by an overly acidic condition – some are obvious, like gout and ulcers.

Infection, osteoporosis and cancer are also due to over acidity. Even insect bites, which can cause dengue fever, is due to acidity.

An alkaline balance Apart from diet, there are other ways to make the body condition more alkaline – including talking, singing and expressing oneself.
Forces of heaven and earth This may seem abstract and evn esoteric. But understanding yin and yang in terms of heaven and earth energy is truly a simple way to appreciate how food affects our health and our lives.
Chemistry of yin and yang

The levels of potassium and sodium provide an indication of whether certain foods are more yin or more yang. But this is not fool-proof because other elements have yin and yang qualities too.

Four wheel balance of foods

Herman Aihara proposes a "Four wheel balance of foods" that take into account yin-yang balance as well as acid-alkaline balance. This balance explains some things – eg coffee for hangovers – that yin and yang alone does not explain.

A macrobiotic balanced diet

Part II of the article on the “Four wheel balance" of foods show how we can achieve a truly balanced diet.

Cancer cells - with no purpose

Herman Aihara observes that cancer cells are cells without a purpose – they simply grow and grow, unlike other body cells that grow to become brain cells, nerve cells, blood cells etc. Thus, having cancer is like having no purpose in life.

Macrobiotic remedies for cancer Aihara explains how taro potato plaster, ginger compress and buckwheat plaster can help draw out cancer tumours.
The secret of happiness – Part I Herman Aihara relates his unhappy growing up years, which culminated in his wife committing suicide. This led him to study macrobiotics with George Oshawa.
The secret of happiness – Part II In part II of this sharing about his search for happiness, Aihara explains the importance of embracing difficulty – because difficulty and happiness go hand in hand.