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Power of natural cures

A book about natural cures changed my life in 1985.

And today, my proudest achievement is that I have not consulted a medical doctor, nor taken a single pharmaceutical drug, not even an antibiotic or Panadol since then.

Yet I am not alone in living without drugs. Many of my friends have also been able to avoid drugs – and their harmful side effects – by treating themselves naturally. In addition, I have met teachers who lived thieir entire lives without modern medicines.

If, like me, you wish to adopt a more natural approach to living and to treating illnesses, then this website is for you. On this website, you will learn about:

  • natural cures for a wide range of ailments and diseases, from minor (but sometimes serious) ailments like the flu, to life threatening degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

  • living with natural cures – such as how to avoid being harmed by natural treatments and when you might need to seek (unnatural) conventional medical care. When you embark on the path of natural remedies, it is important that you learn to discern when to treat yourself, when to seek the help of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, and when to consult a conventional medical doctor.

  • systems of natural healthcare, including food-based natural systems like macrobiotics and Gerson therapy, manual (manipulation) therapies like osteopathy and chiropractic and various forms of energy medicine.

  • foods commonly used in natural remedies ranging from common kitchen ingredients like sea salt, miso, shoyu, vegetables and fruits.

  • natural health supplements – as opposed to common, synthetic vitamin pills.

Plus, you will find inspiring stories of natural healing and natural recovery, about the life experiences of people who walked nature's path to health, healing and happiness.

Read about people like

  • Dr Benjamin Spock, who discovered natural cures at the age of 80

  • Linda McGrath, who recovered from bulima, an illness that made her "eat like an ox".

  • Kathy, a young Singaporean girl who was introduced to natural cures when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 5. She is a young adult now, and cancer-free.

  • Thomas Marron, whose cancer recovery involved a dramatic decision to leave his unhappy marriage.

My own story is not so dramatic, as I did not recover from any life-threatening diseases such as cancer. However, I grew up weak and with lots of minor and some major illnesses – tuberculosis, sinus, acne, hemmorroids, dengue fever, hepatitis, etc – and I used to visit the doctors every two to four weeks.

To have gone from that to not visiting the doctor once in over 20 years is, I feel, an experience worth sharing.

My journey of natural healing began with the discovery about the power of carrot juice. But from drinking juices and eating lots of salads and raw fruits, I went on to discover macrobiotics, a healing system that emphasises cooked foods instead. I will explain why in another article.

Over the years, I have done considerable research into natural health and healing. I've read many books, met many natural health practitioners and organised a number of seminars on natural health.

Between 1989 and 1997, I published a newsletter on natural health called The Good Life.

My newsletter was well received but could not be sustained as a business venture. Through this website, I plan to continue the work that I had put on hold, but never abandoned, when I stopped The Good Life.

This website, ultimately, is a sharing of my experiences of natural healing. The articles here are written from my viewpoint, which may not agree with yours or with the viewpoints of other natural health advocates and practitioners.

The world of natural cures is an extremely vast one and I cannot claim to know everything – not even most things – about it. But I have had considerable experience and have done a fair amount of study. I hope I can inspire you to explore this vast, exciting and fulfilling world of natural cures, and perhaps guide you along the way.

Welcome, then, to the world of natural cures.